Updated for 2016

TUFFCUFF Jr - The Ultimate Youth Pitching Program for Kids 7-14

"Steve Ellis's program is excellent. What I really appreciate as a father is the improvement I've seen in my son's discipline and commitment using this training guide—he can easily follow the conditioning drills and arm care routines on his own, but we also do it together."

John Lambert, Dad, Whittier, CA

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What's in the program?

This program, now being used by over 13,487 pitchers as of July 1, 2015, will immediately accelerate your son's overall pitching performance faster than you ever thought possible.

  • Pitching Mechanics

    Learn how to develop safe and effective high-velocity pitching mechanics and throwing technique.

  • Velocity

  • Control

    Learn simple techniques to improve accuracy and control pitching to throw more strikes.

  • Conditioning

    Learn safe and effective shoulder strength, core/hip strength and flexibility

  • Throwing Program

    Maintain a strong arm and healthy arm with a throwing routine.

  • Mental Toughness

    Learn pitching mental toughness.

  • Strategy

    What to throw and when to throw it to get hitters out.

  • Arm Care

    How to take care of the pitching arm to prevent injuries.

Good habits formed early make all the difference

A young player will take an important step in building a solid foundation in proper pitching mechanics, developing strength and flexibility, and acquiring confidence with this program.

When young pitchers injure their arms, besides poor mechanics, many times it's the pitchers weak legs, hips and trunk that contribute to the problem. When the legs, hips and trunk are weak, coupled with poor mechanics, the arm takes most of the stress of the throw.

You've probably heard coaches say: "He throws with just his arm." What they really mean is he doesn't know how to use his hips and trunk to provide the power.

But when pitchers learn how to throw with good mechanics, and understand how to train and then use their hips and trunk, they begin to throw with a more powerful yet effortless delivery. And of course with less stress.

Here's a look at some of the pages inside TUFFCUFF Jr:

If you're ready to help your son reach the next level faster, click the "Get the program" button below to order your copy for $64.95. Along with the manual, you get a free Fast Track Start Up Guide that I put together so that you'll know exactly what to do when you get the program.

I laid this out so that whether your son is in Little League, Babe Ruth or Select/Travel ball, he will know exactly what to do each day during the year, how to better prioritize his practice time to focus only on those skills that will translate to better performance - it could be simplest and yet most complete guide to conditioning the youth pitcher ever.

And remember, if you are not satisfied for any reason, I'll refund your money 100%.

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