UPDATED FOR 2016! Now with even more baseball pitching
exercises and off-season throwing programs to help pitchers
increase velocity and throw harder deeper into games...

A Complete Baseball Weight Training, Conditioning and Throwing Program
For Serious Pitchers Only

Still, it's not for everyone

From: Former pro Steven Ellis

The TUFFCUFF Strength and Conditioning Manual for Baseball Pitchers

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Dear Pitching Friend:

Let's get to it. My professional baseball pitching workout program just got even better for 2016!

Now for the first time ever, baseball pitchers age 15 and up can access some of the exact same pitching workouts and training methods used throughout Major League Baseball.

Not only will this revolutionary pitching workout program make you faster and stronger, but it will also show you how to unlock your true potential while reducing the risk of injury.

Cover to cover, it's the most comprehensive, year-round strength and conditioning program available for pitchers that teaches you:

  • How to develop balanced, pitching-specific fitness that instantly translates into more success and better velocity on the mound.
  • How to build functional strength, gain lean muscle mass, enhance dynamic flexibility and improve explosive power — without overemphasizing or shortchanging any component.
  • How to improve athleticism, agility and speed, and achieve peak performance in the weight room and on the mound.
  • How to recover from games and pitching workouts quicker, so you get leaner and stronger when everyone else is just getting tired.
  • How to increase your body's capacity to perform at its highest level — longer.
  • How to condition your arm and entire body 52 weeks a year for more speed and less stress with simple yet effective throwing and arm maintenance routines that can help you throw harder.
  • How to improve your total athleticism, enhance your performance, and reduce injuries through exercise progressions for the specific movement patterns you commonly use when pitching.
  • How to develop the explosive rotational movements, speed, power and quickness that are integral to the pitching delivery.
  • How to create more torque and balance in your lower body, thus adding more power to your fastball.

But it's going to cost something. And you're going to have to put something into it to reap the benefits. Most pitchers aren't up to the challenge. That's why by the time a player reaches high school, only 1 in 10,000 will make it to the pros.

Are you a statistic?

If you're looking for a shortcut or "magic bullet" pitching solution, this workout program isn't for you. But if you're 100 percent committed to becoming a complete pitcher — and if you're willing to work hard at it — the baseball pitching workouts in TUFFCUFF will transform your career and your life!

That's because this proven, "pitcher specific" workout program delivers strength and muscle mass, stamina and a lean body, balance and flexibility, athletic quickness and power.

I'm proof that it works. I did it. And it's the same step-by-step plan that allowed me to gain more than 12 mph on my fastball from high school to pro ball.

Now, you may gain even more!

Designed specifically for highly motivated baseball pitchers who want to maximize
athletic performance

As long as you pledge to work hard, these pitching workouts will lead you to results that will dramatically improve your pitching ability. What worked me will work for you, too — if you put in the time.

  • For junior high and high school pitchers, that's about 45 to 60 minutes a day, two to three days a week.
  • For college and pro guys, that's about 90 minutes a day, four to six days a week.

Yes, with these pitching workouts you will get bigger muscles, develop better flexibility, and add more strength. But you'll also be targeting the "rotational power" in your core – your abdominals, lower back, hips, and quads.

The detailed nutrition guidelines guarantee that you'll know what nutrient-dense foods to consume for maximum energy to perform at your best. And the attention you'll pay to recovery from your pitching workouts will give you a straight path to the results you want with the most complete and up-to-date pitching workout program available today.

More than 190 of the most effective pitching
exercises currently used by MLB pitchers

I'm offering you the EXACT SAME exercises and workout routines I used in college and professional baseball to improve pitching velocity. And they couldn't be easier to do. Here's what I mean:

  1. You take the TUFFCUFF manual to the weight room, baseball field, or back yard.
  2. You simply follow and fill out the step-by-step charts, weight training calendars, throwing plans and tracking logs that outline your entire program for you.

Now that's easy!

Unlike other pitching workout programs that I've seen, I'm not going to overwhelm you with pages and pages of cookie-cutter pitching mumbo jumbo, just to make my product look large and worthwhile.

If you are looking for an expensive sleep aid, buy their program. If you want to start developing "explosive" pitching strength TODAY that utilizes more than 190 of the best pitching exercises, workouts and training techniques available, buy mine.

In my program, I cut to the chase with 188 easy-to-read pages of my prime strength and conditioning exercises, pitching workouts and training strategies — those that you can begin using immediately to start seeing results fast.

I'm talking about having a superior quality conditioning guide that is pitching specific and designed as a tracking log to help you chart your progress every step of the way.

More than 500 pictures
demonstrating correct
exercise technique

If you're like me and don't like to read, check out the more than 500 pictures and illustrations that make the pitching workouts easy to understand. This is important because your FORM – how you perform your pitching exercises – is just as important as the TYPE of conditioning you do. All these pictures in TUFFCUFF allow you to start off on the right foot, improve flexibility and reduce the risk of injuries.

If you can't throw harder and minimize the risk of injury with this workout program for pitchers, I seriously think you're in the wrong field. SERIOUSLY. It's all here! And it's laid out in an easy-to-follow format so you can get to work, right away.

And it's for pitchers ages 13 and up who are pitching at regulation distance. TUFFCUFF has different workout routines for junior high, high school, college, and professional baseball players. That way, whether you're 13 or 30 years old, you will know EXACTLY what to do each day of the year. I'm talking about having a specific workout plan to follow in the off-season, pre-season, and "in-season" — for all ages and skill levels.

More than 70 workout charts,
training calendars, tracking logs
and throwing schedules

Yet this pitching workout program isn't simply an exercise picture book. I think you'll find that the baseball workout charts, training calendars, traching logs and throwing schedules are really key and excellent because they're so straightforward and easy to follow. This workbook tells you what phase, sets and reps to follow in what order on what day — for all 52 weeks a year.

If you have the work ethic and motivation to get bigger, faster, and stronger, but need someone to supply you with a complete and structured training guide that'll act as a "personal strength coach," walking you through your workout, step by step — with full pictures, illustrations, charts and exercise descriptions...


Take it to the weight room, baseball field or back yard and open it up to the correct page. It will tell you what to do on that specific day — from what pitching workouts and exercises to perform (lifting, running, stretching, throwing) to what foods and supplements to take before and after your workout. You'll learn proven ways to speed up recovery from workouts and games, too.

What's more, TUFFCUFF even has separate, individualized pitching workout sheets and training calendars for starters and relievers during the in-season program. That's because during the season, different pitching roles require different training techniques — something that you'll learn about in the program.

It's the most up to date, safe and
effective baseball workout program
available for conditioning pitchers

This is how big league pitchers are now training. It was developed with my good friend and certified athletic trainer Dave Motzer, who works at a hospital in southern Illinois. Before publishing this pitching workout manual, we put more than 40 high school pitchers in the St. Louis area through the program over a four-year period. The results speak for themselves. The complete program, of course, is in the manual.

Here's what a former Chicago Cubs trainer says about it....

"TUFFCUFF is an excellent resource for young pitchers trying to develop strength and flexibility. As a certified athletic trainer, I feel that the information Steven is providing is safe and well-researched. I recommend TUFFCUFF for high school, college and professional pitchers." —Steve Aydt, ATC/L

Remember, because the act of pitching a baseball is defined by a series of functional, explosive movements followed by short breaks ... that's how you need to train. How much better could you be with a complete pitching workout program that actually helps you how to do that, day in and day out — for all 365 days a year?

We've left nothing out!

Now you can take all the guesswork out of your strength program and apply the same functional training and conditioning plan that big league pitchers are now using to develop more explosive power and stamina while building a stronger arm, improving flexibility and reducing the risk of throwing arm injuries.

This complete baseball pitching workout system can help you improve, too! But it won't happen by "osmosis." You've got to get TUFFCUFF. Then you've got to do it. But it couldn't be easier. Inside, you'll find this:

  Sample pages:

What's inside the baseball workout program:

Page 7: Dynamic Warm-Up Exercises For Pitchers

Achieve a higher level of performance on the mound (and in the gym) while preventing pulled muscles and arm injuries. TUFFCUFF features the absolute best pre-game warm-up exercises and dynamic stretching routines for pitchers. Prepare to be challenged as you stretch, flex and loosen every muscle, joint, tendon and ligament in your body – and watch your range of motion and flexibility improve dramatically!

Page 17: Cardiovascular Exercises For Pitchers

Be prepared to outlast the competition! The weekly in-season and off-season running programs feature a proper mix of distance running, sprinting, speed training and agility drills to help pitchers develop the fast twitch muscles in their legs. Sprint work at varying distances and special swimming pool and stationary bike workouts keep year-round conditioning fun and focused.

Page 20: Agility Exercises For Pitchers

This program utilizes some of the most advanced conditioning techniques available to develop multi-directional speed and agility. The agility drills that you'll perform to develop athleticism, leg power, balance, quick feet and coordination will help you become a better fielding pitcher!

Page 29: Rotator Cuff Exercises For Pitchers and Tubing Exercises For Pitchers

Take your rotator cuff, shoulder and elbow strength to a whole new level with intensive dumbbell, resistance bands and tubing exercises for the upper body, shoulders and arms. These highly effective rotator cuff exercises for pitchers are proven to increase throwing velocity and endurance while preventing pitching arm injuries.

Page 37: Scapular Stabilization Exercises For Pitchers

A potent combination of often-overlooked back and scap exercises designed specifically for pitchers will leave you feeling stronger and throwing harder than ever before!

Page 42: Core Stabilization Exercises For Pitchers

Follow along with some serious core training and ab exercises for pitchers that will allow you to transfer all the strength in your lower body up through your mid-section and out through each pitch. The fun, unique and challenging abdominal exercises in TUFFCUFF will help you build functional muscle mass in your obliques and perform your best!

Page 47: Upper Body Exercises For Pitchers

The upper-body weight training exercises target both large and small muscles to build functional strength where you need it most. A unique combination of arm exercises, biceps exercises, triceps exercises, lat exercises, chest exercises, back exercises, wrist and forearm exercises, elbow exercises and shoulder exercises will leave you stronger.

Page 58: Lower Body Exercises For Pitchers

Strong legs are key to generating leg drive that will allow you to explode off the rubber. These leg exercises for pitchers will strengthen and develop your leg muscles and hip flexors by blasting your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

Page 63: Explosive Plyometric Exercises For Pitchers

Many pitchers have good overall strength but lack the necessary power to rapidly accelerate a baseball and produce more pitching velocity. The explosive plyometrics exercises in TUFFCUFF are designed to bridge the gap between strength and power and dramatically improve athletic performance. This is a highly intense cardio routine utilizing body weight exercises.

Page 67: Explosive Medicine Ball Exercises For Pitchers

Get ready to squat, throw, press and pull your way to a full body speed-strength workout like no other! The explosive medicine ball exercises in TUFFCUFF facilitate the development of rotational power and a more explosive fastball. If you feel you've hit a wall with your pitching velocity, these high intensity movement-specific med ball exercises will help you break through it!

Page 73: Recovery Exercises For Pitchers

Recover faster from your workouts so you can keep up the intensity all week long! TUFFCUFF provides special post-workout stretching exercises, sports massage therapy and cool down techniques used throughout pro baseball to reduce post exercise muscle soreness, improve flexibility, enhance recovery times, and keep you injury free. You won't believe the results!

Page 83: Diet And Nutrition Plans For Pitchers

The nutrition guidelines in TUFFCUFF are just as vital to your overall success as any of the challenging workouts in this program. The eating plans provide the perfect combination of nutrient-dense foods and specially designed supplement options to help you lose fat, gain lean muscle mass and maintain high energy levels every step of the way. You're going to feel and see the difference!

Page 96: Workout Charts And Training Logs

Set your workout goals, track your progress and stay motivated. The more than 70 workout charts are where all the exercises are organized into sets, reps, times and rest periods to get you the improvement you seek. I've done all the work for you in laying out your weight lifting, conditioning and throwing program for the entire year so you can get started right away!

Page 177: Baseball Throwing Programs For Pitchers

A solid throwing program is perhaps the most essential part of a pitcher's conditioning routine. The weekly in-season and offseason throwing program in TUFFCUFF provide the perfect mix of light toss, long toss, pitching bullpens, throwing drills and flat ground routines, plus optional weighted baseball training for more advanced pitchers. This takes arm care and pitching velocity to a whole new level!

Here are even more success stories
from baseball pitchers using this
workout program in 2012

I've always been a big believer in proof. When there's so much hype on the Internet these days, you can never get enough proof... Because results are results, period. That's what really counts, no matter what. Right?

Well, ever since the release of The TUFFCUFF Strength and Conditioning Manual for Baseball Pitchers in 2007, I've had the opportunity to track some of the results that pitchers and coaches have enjoyed from implementing the pitching workouts on their own, and had them report them back to me.

I've listed more than 150 pitching success stories below from serious and committed baseball pitchers using the program right now. (There are plenty more, too!)

These results are just the BEGINNING for these guys as they will continue to get bigger, faster, stronger and throw harder with this complete pitching program. So keep reading, because I think you'll realize the results of this program really do speak for themselves...

"Gained 11 mph in one offseason"

"I was only throwing 75 mph as a sophomore, but now as a junior I'm throwing 86mph. Thank you." —Tim Cook

"Went from 85-86 mph to 90 mph in 8 weeks"

"My 17 year old son seemed to hit a wall at 85-86 mph. Since starting the TUFFCUFF program two months ago, he's been doing the workouts and following the throwing program religiously. We had him clocked at 90mph at the training facility over the weekend. I have no doubt this is what was missing in his development as a pitcher. Thanks for putting the program together." —Kit Cutler, Huntsville, Alabama

"Added 3 mph in 2 weeks"

"I've been able to add 3 mph in the past 2 weeks, just by adding the medicine ball exercises for pitchers that I do with my teammate at the ball field. Excellent program!" —Robert Hughes

"Pitcher workout routines"

"I bought for my son Ruben your tuff cuff. He is the pitcher. Playing in the junior A team in the Dutch League. The pitcher workout routines are of great help to help him grow in this sport." —Michael

"Improve pitching velocity"

"TUFFCUFF makes it so easy because it outlines everything I need to do at the gym and targets all my workout areas!" —Matt Hester

"Pitching routine"

"I've added 15 pounds of muscle through this program and finally touched 90mph during my fourth start this season. Now I'm working to consistently bring my fastball and cutter up into the 90s." —Eric D. Ford

"Elbow exercises for pitchers"

"Great program. I have been following it religiously for about three months now, and thru hard work and eating properly, I have already gained close to a much needed 10 pounds of muscle. Not only am I seeing results physically, but my confidence and mental toughness continues to increase as well." —Evan Mitchell

"Pitching conditioning drills"

"After two months of TUFFCUFF workouts three days a week, my 11th grade nephew has added 5 pounds of muscle and is throwing the ball harder and farther. ... This guide proves getting to the next level requires work, not steroids." —Vic Roberts, Lincoln, MA

"Good pitching workouts"

"If you are seriously conditioning as a pitcher, I think this book has a layout that is easy to understand, graphically, it's easy to follow and he provides a great variety of charting and tracking material so that as you measure your work you can see the impact. This puts pitching specific workouts as well as whole body conditioning techniques in a nice package." —J.D., Florida

"Pitchers shoulder exercises"

"There are so many different exercises that you can do and, most important, it comes with complete workout logs. Each day is set out for you. You know exactly what you have to do. If you have any kind of will power to become a stronger and better athlete, one that will make it to college and professional level, you will have no problem using this guide." —Sharin Passarell

"Rotator cuff exercises pitchers"

"This is an excellent book to have if you don't have access to those expensive baseball clinics." —Jose Villarreal, Texas

"Workout for pitcher"

"My son who is a college pitcher has a copy of TUFFCUFF and thinks the material is very good. It's not cheap, but when you compare it with the cost of even one pitching lesson, we thought it was a very good value. I guess I could put it this way: We would not be interested in selling his copy." —Julie S., Minnesota

"Theraband exercises"

"The Tuff Cuff Strength and Conditioning Manual is exactly what I was looking for when I was putting together a workout program for my team. It covers everything you need to know about getting a pitcher ready from the pre-season all the way through the regular season. I would highly recommend it as a great reference tool for your program." —Coach Mahar, Barnegat, NJ

"Baseball pitching velocity"

"The book has showed me what a professional/college pitcher does to be physically in great shape. I have been religiously following the book and can already throw much harder and I'm much more flexible. I feel like a better athlete and can't wait for the season to start after training with this book." —Mike Leone

"Pitching strength and conditioning"

"We received the order quickly and are very pleased with the quality of the product." —Amy A.

"Throwers ten"

"Very fast delivery. It was what I was looking for. A workout that is easy to follow and takes the guess work out of it." —Jeff R.

"Exercises baseball pitchers"

"Great book, feel much stronger and can already throw much harder within the first month of using it. Thanks!" —Mike L.

"Best workouts for pitchers"

"Received the book in just a few days, my husband plays baseball recreationally and loves to pitch when given the opportunity, he's already started on the suggested workouts." —Deanne K.

"Off season pitching workouts"

"This was a great workout book and helped my son succeed to the next level in pitching!" —Carolina Montoya

"Leg workouts for pitchers"

"I'm pitching coach of ITALIAN NATIONAL U.21 TEAM and this book help me to find the right workout for my pitchers. I like this book so much because is a very very good guide for me and then for my guys." —Cretis Rolando, Italy

"Pitching workout routines"

"Very informative book with great examples." —R. Johnson, Southern California

"Pitching leg workouts"

"TUFFCUFF supplies a 1 year pitching training plan that is worth every penny! For a low price, it gives you deep carefully thought out workouts that will improve your accuracy and velocity. I would recommend this to anyone." —Laura J. Wagner, Marlboro, MA

"Exercises pitching"

"This is a "must" for anyone serious about conditioning.Easy to follow instructions with illustrations. I would definitely recommend it to all students of baseball." —Leslie Ang

"Pitching workout"

"TuffCuff has helped me improve my techniques and performance on the mound.
I have more confidence and that has helped my overall performance. I recommend it to anyone who wants to become a better pitcher." —S. Rassman, Calmar, IA

"Pitching velocity"

"If you are looking for an effective, comprehensive, easy to understand and easy to follow strength and conditioning program, then this is the one for you! This book really delivers more than advertised. I've added 25+ pounds of lean, strong, flexible muscle in the first 3 months of religiously following the program.

It is the most comprehensive do-it-yourself training and conditioning plan for pitchers I have found and I have looked extensively. Leads you step-by-step through a year 'round program with loads of useful exercise photos and descriptions. Each area of concentration has a variety of exercises to choose from to keep workouts fresh and interesting, allowing you to pick and choose the ones that work the best for you.

In season, pre season, post season programs all have unique plan to provide just the right work and rest periods to make you the strongest, most effective pitcher you can be. Not so specific that it wouldn't greatly benefit any athlete wanting to get stronger, faster, and more flexible." —W.D.

"Strength training for pitchers"

"before I tried this book, i was struggling to add speed to my pitches. when I was finished, I had added at least 6mph. to my fastball and made perfect accuracy with all of my pitches. It was not at all easy to complete but after hard working, I am a much more skilled pitcher. I am very pleased with this book." —John

"Long toss for pitchers"

"I purchased this program not only for my son but to educate myself and most importantly to help prevent injuries in the future by some coaches who coach based solely for their own egos and not for the health of the player. The program is extremely beneficial as it equates to success on the diamond. Thanks for the valuable information." —Dan Brownlee, Pennsylvania

"Theraband shoulder exercises for pitchers"

"This is a must for a serious baseball pitcher from 13 -21 years old. Is the best step by step strength and conditioning manual I have ever seen. Use it, it works. Strength equals pitching power and power equals speed." —M.J. Saragusa

"Major league baseball pitchers workout"

"This book was the biggest factor in my jump from J.V. to Varsity high school pitcher." —John Mcgivney, New York

"Pitcher exercises"

"I've searched the web for a full pitchers workout program for years. FINALLY I found something worthwhile. The author, Steve Ellis, offers so much knowledge to pitchers, from mental control, to fastball control... truly a great program." —Ben H., Beloit, Wisconsin

"Best exercise for pitchers"

"This was awesome! Full of great stuff. I feel I am a better pitcher for having read it!" —Jeffrey S. Stoltz, New Berlin, Wisconsin

"MLB pitcher workouts"

"This is a very good product. I have bought two copies of this program because it has a lot of good plans for any pitcher of any age." —Kenneth S.

"Baseball conditioning for pitchers"

"Great book. Started my son on the program with hopes it helps him become an even better pitcher." —Susan M.

"Pitcher workouts"

"I found this manual to be an excellent tool to guide my son through the rigors of the proper training techniques for pitchers or anyone who requires extensive use of their rotator cuff. I would strongly recommend purchasing this manual." —Keith Orlean, Dix Hills, NY

"Pitching workouts"

"TUFF CUFF by Steven Ellis is the most thorough, cutting edge book for developing pitchers available on the market. It would be extremely difficult for anyone to make the information contained in this book any easier to read and understand. I only wish this information would have been available years ago. If it had been, I know I could have avoided having to have two shoulder surgeries performed by Dr. James Andrews at Alabama Sports Medicine in 1990. Not to be redundant, but this book is truly a once and for all definitive guide for pitchers on any level." —Del T. Pittman, Texas

"MLB pitcher workout"

"The workout hits the point for the serious pitchers. He covers all the bases you will need to stay in shape especially over the long cold winter months. Great for the HS pitchers who only want to play baseball." —Dino Sinatore, Pennsylvania

"Increase pitching velocity"

"This is the best pitching manual I have ever seen. Thanks to Steven Ellis for putting it together and getting it to us at a great value. I bought this for my son and he will continue to see the benefits as he follows it for years to come!" —T. Kisker

"Exercises for pitcher"

"I purchased this book the summer going into my senior year of high school. I'm now entering my sophomore year in college. This is a great book to have. Coming from a pro, it gives you all the great information about workouts and the different levels of play. I recommend this to any person who is looking to further their career in baseball. It is very useful and I'm glad I had purchased it." —Scott

"Arm exercises for pitchers"

"I received the Tuffcuff Strength and Conditioning manual,two weeks ago. I have read all the info and found it very informative. I am looking forward to getting my son started on this program and see the results. I will keep you informed on his progress." —Anthony Bisceglie, Philadelphia, PA

"Ab workouts for pitchers"

This material is detailed, comprehensive and basically fantastic to help give me the structure that I needed to put myself through a year round strength and conditioning program. I found it easy to read and fun to follow as I tracked my progress. Steven Ellis has built a sound program that been proven to work." —Jeffrey A. Rome

"Pitching workout schedule"

"I have a 13 year old pitcher. He is just beginning to realize his potential. This book lays out a well defined program so that he can use it for many years to come. He is very excited to use it and become the pitcher he feels he can be. We have used medicine —ball drills and jumped from routine to routine but we feel this book will be a good roadmap of success. The pictures are easy to follow and the information very relevant. Great book." —Matt, Pennsylvania

"Free pitching workouts"

"I purchased the TUFFCUFF pitcher program 2 years ago, my son who is now 16 uses the program in the off season the charts are so easy to follow. The warm-up exercises are the best, you perform them the way the program instructs you and you are ready to play!" —G.B.

"Pitching velocity drills"

"TUFFCUFF is one of the better investments I have made to help my son's pitching. The exercises are great with lots of easy to understand pictures. The e-mail support is first class. My daughter is also doing the exercises along with my son to help with her softball pitching. I like what Steve has done so much I just ordered his 101 Baseball Pitching Tips books." —Mark, Connecticut

"Pitching stretching exercises"

The exercises and other features of this book really helped my son be a better pitcher. He was able to pitch more innings without injury and his recovery time was quicker." —B.A., Chicago

"Pitching workout routine"

"I am skeptical of self-help books, but this book overcomes my bias. My son (5-11, 14 year old) plays a number of sports but loves baseball and has the 70 mph fastball and hit .500 to prove why. I picked up the book and we have begun the training program. It's fun, it's complete and, best of all, he WANTS to do the workouts. Four stars here (five if we get a volume 2!)" —Richard Goins, Houston, Texas

"Baseball pitcher workout routine"

"We all know there are many ways to accomplish things in baseball. This book has some new ways to get to where the player wants to be by adding a variety of exercises." —Don Spore

"College baseball pitching workouts"

"The book was very informative with step by step methods with many pictures." —Mike G.

"Baseball pitcher training"

"Very informative material. I am pleased with the info and the layout of the workout." —Jeff McVey

"Baseball exercises pitching"

This is the best pitching book on the market, he really does no what he is talking about, if you want to make it big make the investment." —Tyler Petsch, Absecon, NJ

"Leg workout for pitchers"

"I have reviewed the manual and find it informative, helpful and useful. My son is excited about putting the training to good use. We have the majority of the weights etc and feel this is more beneficial and cost effective then hiring a personal training. THANK YOU for this tool!!" —Nyleen L. Hall, Annapolis, MD

"Throwers 10 exercises"

"I currently own this manual and use it religiously to improve and get tips. It's well worth the money." —E.S.

"Pitching velocity improvement"

"This is a great book to have for any serious pitchers out there that want the ultimate year-round workout. Even if you don't plan on using every workout, it is a great thing to have to form a base workout out of. I have used it for over a year now and it has worked wonders for my shoulders and legs. I still use it everyday I go to the gym and it was well worth the money spent." —Bill

"Baseball pitcher stretches"

"Being a 5'7 125lbs 14 year old throwing low 70's teams looked at me like "Are you kidding me?" After purchasing this program and following the exercises complimented with hundreds of explanatory pictures I was a whole new pitcher. Now at 15 y/o. 5'8, 142lbs throwing low 80's I owe it all to Steven and his book. A MUST READ for any pitcher whether your a high school hurler, a college pitcher or just starting off this book will get you well on your way to the bigs!" —Nick Blakeborough, Mississauga, Canada

"Pitching workouts increase velocity"

"This is the single best pitching manual I have ever seen. I bought it and I began with the inseason workouts because I was in season at the time. Even using the less intense inseason workouts to start, I noticed a significant difference in strength, durability and stamina while on the mound. This product is simply amazing, Steve has truly created the single most reliable, most result producing pitching workout ever made. The Best Ever." —William E. Minichiello

"Baseball pitcher exercise"

"This program is great! I am using it to get ready for my 25 year old plus league that I play in. This program is not just for young guys I am 30 and seeing results. four guys on my team have started the program as well and they are not even pitchers, but they have seen an increase in overall baseball fitness." —Marcus Grant, Raleigh, NC

"The best pitcher workouts"

"Excellent service - book is fantastic - detailed black and white photos of each exercise, easy read format. Am training my all-star pitcher son with it and it's just plain great." —Evan Roy

"Pitching velocity workout"

"I have for years been looking for a good strength and conditioning manual for pitchers and finally found the perfect EASY TO FOLLOW program for pitchers, Tuff Cuff. Steven Ellis got it (PROFESSIONAL, COMPREHENSIVE, YET EASY TO FOLLOW) and delivered with Tuff Cuff. I highly recommend this program to any seriously motivated pitcher looking to take their game to the next level." —S.M.

"Baseball pitcher workout"

"Arrived within days of ordering. My son loves it and feels it will be beneficial for his career." —Cheri

"Rotator cuff exercises pitching"

"Great book. I am a sophomore in high school in Virginia and I'm sure I will make my way into the starting rotation thanks to Tuffcuff. Preset workout routines categorized in phases really help you build strength and endurance. Thank you, Mr. Ellis." —J.R., Virginia

"Training for pitchers"

"Es una excelente guía para el entrenamiento del pitcher. Creo que hace falta un apartado de como mostrar los diferentes lanzamientos pero en general es una manual que considero descubre de una manera satisfactoria el entrenamiento para formar lanzadores excelentes. Muy buena respuesta en el envío del material." —Dario A.

"Exercises for pitchers"

"This book has helped me to become a much better pitcher. Also not just for young guys! I play in the MSBL 25 plus league." —Marcus G.

"Best workout for pitchers"

"The charts in this book for the workouts keep me very motivated. I find myself working harder than before just for the simple fact that everything is laid out for me to do. The flexibility of the workouts are also great, you choose which exercises you want." —Sam G.

"Baseball pitching stretches"

"Excellent resources ... by applying the workout techniques in this book, my son worked his way into the starting rotation for his high school team as a freshman, and accumulated 38 k's in 34 innings. The high school coach predicts TUFFCUFF will add at least 5 mph more to his velocity and turn a 5 inning performance into a complete game." —Brian B.

"Pitching workouts to increase velocity"

"My fastball speed went from 83 to 88 in just 3-1/2 months this off-season. I can't wait to see if it keeps going up! I think I'll be able to finally hit 90 mph this season." —M. Morse

"Pitching strength bands"

"Book is fantastic with detailed photos of each exercise, easy read format. Am training my all star pitcher son w/it and it's just plain great " —Patti Ann Solosky

"Weight lifting for pitchers"

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"Book was delivered quickly - good first indication of a quality product. By week two he already felt a difference in his arm(s) strength (lefty/righty pitcher) and delivery. Looking forward to see where this program takes him! Thank you for a program that provides any "serious" ball player the opportunity to better their skills and knowledge to prevent injuries." —Patricia B. Newman

"Arm strengthening exercises pitchers"

"I'm a 22 year old college student and left handed pitcher. I played two years of baseball at a small D3 school and I recently transferred to a much larger D1 school. I plan on trying out for the baseball team this fall. I've been following your TuffCuff manual pretty much down to the "T" from December '08 to today. Before I started your program I could barely break 80 mph. But now, I am consistently throwing in the mid 80's. I just wanted to thank you personally for such an in depth and detailed program. I wish I would have discovered this in high school so I wouldn't have to worry about trying out for any school!" —Hagen DeRouen

"Exercises for pitchers elbow"

"Excellent guide, my son loves it. " —Andrew T. Hromoko, Jr.

"How to increase pitching arm speed"

"A wonderful program for training a young pitcher and for improving experienced ball players. A good read for any coach or player hoping to improve their game. " —Robert A. Harris

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"Takes the guesswork away. Recommended to serious pitchers!" —James Newberry

"Throwers 10 shoulder exercises"

"Arrived within days of ordering. My son loves it and feels it will be beneficial for his career. " —Cheri

"Medicine ball workouts for pitchers"

"I bought this book for my 14 year old son. It's excellent. It provides him a perfect program as well as proper technique. He takes the book to the gym and follows the daily routine. A trainer at our gym commented that the types of exercises my son performs are perfect for his age. The pictures in the book make sure the exercises he performs are done correctly. The book is not cheap, but extremely thorough and worth the expense in my opinion. Serious youth athletes need proper training and technique, and this book is better than a trainer." —Andy

"Pitcher strength training"

"The book was purchased for a 16 year old baseball pitcher. He has started on the program and really likes it so far (3 weeks out). From a quick review of the schedule it looks to be just what he needed to increase strength and condition his entire body. It will help him in baseball as well as many other physical activities. " —William D. Toney

"Band exercises pitchers"

"I ordered this book to rehab my repaired shoulder, it is a great program for anyone to use. I am 35 years old, and have been a pitcher for a long time, but i have never followed any king of training regimen. After the first five weeks I can feel a huge difference in my body. I have thrown once since beginning and i definitely had more zip on the ball and my shoulder responded positively. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to focus their training on pitching and is serious about playing (again...). I received it quicker than expected and it is as described-highly structured and detailed. Any pitcher will benefit from following Steven Ellis' plan." —Michael Moore

"Baseball pitcher workouts"

"The throwing program is terrific. I've never followed such a detailed yet easy program to get my pitching arm in shape for the season. But the best part is that my arm doesn't hurt or get sore anymore, and I'm able to go all the way out for long toss." —Tom Frankie, Jr.

"Workouts to increase pitching velocity"

"I bought this workout program for my son who is in Little League. He is not old enough to use all the workouts, but I learned many things about pitching from this book that I plan to teach him as he gets older. We can already see an improvement with the exercises that we are using." —Joe

"Pitchers shoulder workout"

"OUTSTANDING RESOURCE. This program is absolutely what I was looking for. Being a High School Varsity Pitching Coach I was looking for a detailed off season throwing and workout programs for my pitcher's. The TUFFCUFF Manual offers more then I expected. It is priceless. My pitcher's have been on this program since Sept 2008 and now we are entering winter ball way ahead of the pitching curve. The photos and illustrations are clear, concise and very easy to follow. The charts and workout calendars are excellent. The TUFFCUFF has positively changed the way I prepare our pitcher's for a season and how to prepare them in the off season. It has it all, warm up, cardiovascular, agility, balance, rotator cuff exercises. We have implemented the use of the training and workout charts and the off season throwing program. It's a great resource for pitcher's at all levels as well as coaches. Thank you Steve Ellis!" —John Autolino

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"I ordered this for my son he is a senior in high school. He is preparing for his upcoming baseball season. This program is just what we have been looking for. A 52 week plan with all the information he needs to be successful. I would recommend this for any player that is ready to work hard and see results. I wish we would have found this sooner, like freshman year. Great job! Fantastic book!" —Jacqueline Almanza

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"Wow, this book is truly an A to Z approach to pitchers conditioning. It is easy to understand and has dozens and dozens of helpful charts, training logs and calendars to guide your every workout." —Brian Stock

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"Excellent book. It gives day-by-day pitching workouts for strength, speed, power and flexibility. And the information on nutrition, supplements and sleep is great. I've never seen anything else like it!" —Erik Retz

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"This training program can certainly help you plan your own workouts if you do not have a trainer or strength coach." —C. Cranza

"Tubing exercises for pitchers"

"I coach a high school team in Pennsylvania. Ellis's book tells you what to do and when to do it. We've made it our off-season workout program for all our players, not just our pitchers, because it is so detailed and well laid out." —Bill M.

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"Awesome book - great workouts, program and diet. A must for anyone serious about targeting all the right muscles used in pitching a baseball." —Eddie P.

"Pitcher workout plan"

"This book was recommended by my physical therapist at my last physical and he was right, it is a great book." —R. Jones

"Increasing pitching velocity"

"Steve, we bought this book and love it. My son has thrown two complete games with 25 K's in them this season." —M. Terzi

"Pitcher training"

"I bought the Tuffcuff book a few weeks ago for my son who is a freshman this year. I really like the way the book is organized so I don't have to read it and then try to piece together a workout. It's all spelled out in simple form and easy to read and follow." —Rick Wagner, Gray, TN.

"Workout for pitchers"

"One of the best parts of Tuff-Cuff is that a schedule of what you need to do is in the book. That isn't the case with the other pitching things I have - Wolforth's Combat Pitching and Dick Mills workout." —Kidmullen

"The best pitching workout"

"Steve, I just want to tell you have wonderful your Tuffcuff training book has been for our kids at our school. My son (Jordan - 15 years old) and I started this training together as just me and him. Two months later I now am training 9 kids in the Tuffcuff training. These kids don't play basketball and they range from ages 14-16 years old. They are seeing results in their strength and their throwing and they are loving it. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your book and to let you know... 'it is working!!' May God bless you, because you have blessed us with your knowledge of baseball training!" —Jason Anderson

"Throwers ten exercise program"

"Excellent program! My husband and son do the workout together to get my son ready for spring baseball. " —Carol Rieping

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"This book was for my grandson in Australia who is a left-handed pitcher, he was so impressed with this program. Where they live Cairns, Queensland, he doesn't get much help so this is an incredible find for him. " —Leslie Clough

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"My dad recently bought me the Tuff Cuff Program and I couldn't be happier. Your program has enabled me to take ownership for my training and I feel as though I can achieve my goals. I have a lot of work to do but feel very empowered now that I have this information. Thank you Mr. Ellis for sharing your experience and expertise with me and anyone else who wants to be a better pitcher/athlete." —Dean Layman

"Free baseball pitching workouts"

"Good logical order and suited for a variety of ages and needs. Charts that are included take the guess work out of making your own. Practical approach that can be shared with the player in a way that all can be on the same page." —John Crane

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"We purchased this for our son who's a baseball player--he pitches--& he wanted a well-rounded workout for his pitching, to get in good shape for next season. He's looking for speed increase(by like 5 mph or so, we'll see). It's early to tell yet, but so far it looks like a pretty good program--of course it takes ALOT of discipline, focus, & drive to make it(it takes a lot of WORK, it's not easy) " —Lisa, baseball mom

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"Book very well done and thorough. " —Scott M. Taylor

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"We got this program for our son, who's 14 and one of the better pitchers for his age. I can tell you that it's a lot of work, but he's really into it and my husband and him do the workouts in the evening. He hasn't complained of a sore arm since starting it." —Sally Peterson

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"Being an NCAA baseball pitcher, I was looking for a program that could pack on size and brutal strength naturally in the off season. I realistically expected 10 pounds from this program. How about 16 pounds in two and a half months? That's what I grained and it's absolutely ridiculous in that time frame! Not only did I gain 16lbs of lean muscle naturally in such a short time; my pitching velocity went up 3 mph, explosive strength went up, my speed went up, and I'm getting chiseled. All my friends are doing this program and I couldn't help but tell the world." —Vance O'Brien

"Throwers ten protocol"

"I've been using this book as a 'bible' for my workouts over the last several months and seen some great results. My weight lifting had always been limited to curls and bench and the like. This book introduces some great new exercises which, while awkward at first, produce some real noticeable results for anyone who sticks with it. Oh, and my pitch velocity has improved by 4 mph!!" —William "Bill" Sheets

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"I went from 135lbs to 170lbs (6'3") on my own. I'm hoping with the work out routines and eating habits I picked up from this book I can get to 190+ in a much shorter amount of time." —Scott Grau

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"The book was in great condition and was sent in a timely fashion. It is a great book for learning baseball weight training form, muscle groups, etc. " —Ed Warner

"Pitching exercises for kids"

"This workout program was nice as he outlines quality workout methods I can do. Sections dealing with body weight, medicine balls, and scapula stabilization are particularly helpful, as these are harder to find and I discovered a few new things to try." —K. Nelson, St. Louis, Missouri

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"This pitching book is an excellent choice for those wishing to learn about resistance training, exercise technique, adaptations to training, and key fundamental concepts of periodized baseball programs throughout the off-season. Great buy, especially for the price!" —John Broom

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"Great workout for anyone, beginner to advanced... exercise descriptions, modern information that is tried and true and explained effectively, and it is all put together in an orderly fashion. The calendars and schedules make it easy to follow along at the gym. My arm has never felt better." —James Fink

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"The title says it all. This book is the authority on building a superior rotator cuff and arm strength. The lower body exercises are killer!" —Tyler Bailey

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"An excellent baseball program covering all aspects of pitcher conditioning – strength, flexibility, cardiovascular, speed, agility, periodization – it's all there. Up to date, right on the money!" —Alan Scott

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" I wish I had this book 10 years ago; I could have avoided all kinds of painful mistakes and misconceptions in my own pitching training." —George Aldridge, MSBL 35 pitcher

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"TUFFCUFF is fantastic, easy to understand and very thorough. A definite requirement for every pitcher." —David Rocco

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"I would recommend this book to any baseball coach or parent who wishes to increase their knowledge. In fact, any athletic professional that wishes to provide the best service to their pitchers should purchase and read this outstanding text. " —Andrew Heining

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"This is by far the greatest book ever written on the subject of pitching strength and conditioning. It is packed with information on everything, and I mean everything, that you need to know about muscles, strength training and overall conditioning as it pertains to the needs of baseball pitchers. I could not put it down, the pictures and charts and illustrations are invaluable making it easier to understand. Whether you are a beginner or an expert on the subject of baseball strength training, this pitching program can help you meet your needs." —Wesley Grout

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"I give it 5 stars because it is exactly what it says it is, a very honest approach to the improvement of pitching velocity, strength and overall fitness levels in pitchers." —Frank Early

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"What a great baseball workout program for pitchers! Here is a deep yet clearly/visually presented text on building explosive power and velocity. I've read a number of strength-training books, but most are dominated by the body-building mentality. This book will make you think like a pitcher, and help you understand the sport-specific training needs of developing a 90mph fastball." —Dwight Hungerford

"Baseball exercises for pitchers"

"This program is a must have for anyone serious about improving their pitching performance. Filled with no-nonsense information and workout charts for everything from pitcher-specific baseball strength training, to anaerobic conditioning and sprints, to throwing programs, to baseball nutrition." —David Duron

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"As a trainer, I was really impressed with the combination of exercises that Steve put together here. It's a very thorough pitching workout program, and I think it would be of most benefit to baseball coaches, athletic trainers, personal trainers or anyone who wants a really good resource to guide their pitching exercise prescriptions." —Chad Fuller

"How to increase pitching velocity"

"We followed TUFFCUFF with our 14 year old son after deciding it was finally time to start strength training. He went from 65-67mph last year to 74-75 mph this year. He's really throwing a lot harder and starting to fill out in his shoulders and lower body." —Derek Beamon

"Core workouts for pitchers"

"We've done a few different workout programs over the years, and spent quite a bit of money along the way. Yet, no other pitcher workout program has delivered the velocity improvement that TUFFCUFF has for my son. He's now in the upper 80's, but from a dad on the sidelines, he just looks a lot more effortless and fluid on the mound." —Juan Puig

"Pitching exercise"

"Great program, Steve! Jon's throwing a lot harder and pitching with a lot more confidence - like he's invincible out there!" —Dad from DFW, Texas

"Throwers ten exercises"

"I was only throwing 74 mph as a sophomore, but now as a junior I'm throwing 86. Thank you." —Tim Cook

"Pitching exercises"

"My 17 year old son seemed to hit a wall at 85-86 mph. Since starting the TUFFCUFF program a couple weeks ago, he's been doing the workouts and following the throwing program religiously. I have no doubt this is what was missing in his development as a pitcher. Thanks for putting the program together." —Kit Cutler, Huntsville, Alabama

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"I've been able to add 3 mph in the past 2 weeks, just by adding the medicine ball exercises for pitchers that I do with my teammate at the ball field. Excellent program!" —Robert Hughes

"Pitcher workout routines"

"I bought for my son Ruben your tuff cuff. He is the pitcher. Playing in the junior A team in the Dutch League. Your book is of great help to help him grow in this sport." —Michael

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"TUFFCUFF makes it so easy because it outlines everything I need to do at the gym and targets all my workout areas!" —Matt Hester

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"I've added 15 pounds of muscle through this program and finally touched 90mph during my fourth start this season. Now I'm working to consistently bring my fastball and cutter up into the 90s." —Eric D. Ford

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"This weight-training program for pitchers puts the emphasis on lower body strength and flexibility and helped me gain 6 mph between fall ball and the spring season. Thanks, Steve!" —Cory McAdams

"Baseball pitching stretches"

"Through the use of this workout for pitchers, I saw my top velocity rise 6-7 mph and increased my ability to maintain speed throughout a game, all in a span of 16 weeks." —Jed Kendrick

"Up to 82 mph in 4 weeks following injury"

"After facing injury before my junior year of high school baseball, I was throwing an 80 mph fastball. After suffering injury and loss of velocity, I invested in this manual. Now, with my senior season right around the corner and only about 4 weeks of Tuff Cuff training under my belt, my fastball is reaching 82 mph and I've recovered my lost velocity. And that's with minimal to no throwing during the week. Inside this manual is unique stretches, gut busting core exercises, scapula and rotator cuff strengthening, and much more. I highly recommend you put the time and effort into this guide." —Thomas Kellough

"Baseball pitcher conditioning"

"This book has helped our pitching program turn around a losing team into a respectable club. Strongly recommend this program to youth-level coaches trying to find instructional materials that can immediately help improve pitching performance and training of youth baseball players." —Fred

"Excellent program"

"This is one of the finest programs for pitchers I've seen in 35 years of coaching. Well thought out program. Thanks and looking forward reaping the benefits." —Dave Iceman

"Gained 4-5 mph in 12 weeks"

"I followed your pitching program for 12 weeks and increased my pitching velocity by 4-5 mph, consistently! Thanks for your great program." —Claude Brooks

"Better pitching velocity"

"About a year ago I bought the program to help my son condition the arm and increase throwing velocity, strength and his flexibility. After working the program faithfully from September to February, my son's whole game went to the next level. He is one of the best pitchers in the conference right now." —William Hagan

"Went from 85 mph to 92 mph"

"First off, I would like to thank you for publishing such an awesome program. The fall of my freshmen year I was throwing 85-86 and topping out pretty much at 87. This fall my velocity was great, being consistently clocked from 88-91 mph and hitting 92 a couple times!" —Mark Olsen

"Gained 5 mph"

"Your program is working wonders for me — my arm feels the best its ever felt in my life! I'm throwing 5 mph harder (89) and have never felt better. Thank you, Steve!" —Brian Cloch

"Stronger pitching arm"

"After doing this baseball workout program, I am convinced that my son will have the strongest pitching arm on the team as a sophomore this coming season. The results have been nothing short of amazing." —Ivan Shulman

"Went from 84 mph to 88 mph"

"I've used the pitching workouts as part of my daily baseball training program, and the results are showing big time. Within the last three months my pitch velocity has gone from 84 mph up to 88 mph." —Mike Seger

And there are plenty more! In fact, that's just a small handful of success stories from coaches and parents of pitchers who've added strength and power, gained pitching velocity and developed a better fastball from using the TUFFCUFF program this past season.

Are you next?

Every day that passes you by is an extra day to increase pitching velocity that passes you by, too. But when you do grab a copy of this workout program and start applying the exercises and throwing routines used by pitchers throughout Major League Baseball, you will be among these lucky individuals who've found...

A faster way to increase pitching velocity

Remember this, a weight-training program is a very small part of the total picture for your success on the pitcher's mound. But if it is done right, it can be a positive factor in your future endeavors on the field. TUFFCUFF can help you gain considerable strength and flexibility. It will also show you what you need to do to throw harder — longer — which I like to refer to as "velocity endurance."

The number one thing that most pitchers are concerned with is velocity improvement. This is an area that TUFFCUFF has had excellent results with. But just as important as high velocity is endurance. Endurance is important in two areas:

  1. First, you need to sustain your average first inning velocity into at least the sixth or seventh inning.
  2. Second, you must be as strong at the end of the season as you were at the beginning of the year.

A good weight-training program will do these things, as well as helping to improve recovery time, decrease injury possibilities and finally end sore arms! And even if you are currently dealing with a pitching arm soreness or an injury, TUFFCUFF can help you recover more quickly to perform again at a high level.

In short, if you've been looking for the most complete, total baseball workout program that meets all of your pitching-specific fitness goals — your search stops here! TUFFCUFF makes it easier than ever to increase pitching velocity, decrease the risk of pitching arm injury and achieve success in a hurry.

Throw harder by spring

I've had people tell me that velocity gains come from an athlete naturally maturing, and that weight-training exercises for pitchers have little effect.

I agree that as baseball pitchers get older, they normally add velocity until they reach about 16-18 years of age. But for the velocity gains to continue in college and pro ball, it takes a commitment to a baseball weight training, conditioning and throwing program on a year-round basis.

And you have to be willing to outwork the competition.

However, if you provide the desire and self-discipline to excel, TUFFCUFF will provide the variety of exciting and challenging exercises that will increase velocity and help you maximize your athletic potential as a pitcher.

Yet it's important to realize that even the best pitching workouts will provide no benefit if peak performance is not available at the time of competition. In other words, when you're standing on the mound in a game and you need that extra pop on your fastball to get a tough out.

That's why the workouts in this program are divided into five phases (muscular endurance, hypertrophy, strength, power and maintenance) and three key segments — your off-season, pre-season and in-season.

This type of training, known as "periodization," allows you to train consistently, sensibly and systematically to maximize athletic performance while simultaneously reducing the liklihood of injuries.

The off-season workouts are designed to improve your velocity, body composition, size, strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, speed, agility, coordination, flexibility, balance and power, and any other individual goals that you might have.

During the pre-season workouts, you must begin to combine your weight training with your skill work, such as throwing bullpens, pitching off a mound to live hitters, and fielding your position. This segment is particularly important in making a smooth transition to the in-season workouts, which are crucial for velocity development, injury prevention and improved recovery time between pitching appearances.

In fact, your in-season weight lifting is just as important as your off-season and pre-season weight lifting. That's because everything that you are working toward up to this point in your training program must be carried forward through the regular season. But in order to carry over your strength into the season, you must take full advantage of the off-season now.

Don't waste another off-season

So why do you need to get your copy of this complete pitching program today? Without functional strength and flexibility, pitchers not only risk injury, but they also fail to maximize their ability to throw harder deeper into games. What a complete waste of a great opportunity!

If you truly want to pull the maximum out of your body and take your pitching to the next level, then you need to get my course. You need this information. NOW. You simply can't pass this up.

Again, because this stuff is tested and just flat-out WORKS. It's the most complete and up-to-date conditioning program available for hard-working pitchers. The TUFFCUFF Strength and Conditioning Manual for Baseball Pitchers is spiral bound, 8.5 by 11.5 inches and weighs 1-1/2 pounds. Inside your program, you'll find:

  • 188 pages of pitching-specific workouts and training advice
  • Over 190 strengthening exercises for building the muscles used most in pitching
  • Over 500 pictures illustrating correct exercise technique
  • Over 70 workout charts and tracking materials, so you know what to do each day and can measure progress along the way
  • 52 weeks of total body conditioning program for pitchers divided into five 8 to 12 week phases, including two in-season programs and separate starting and relief pitcher workout programs
  • 72 dynamic flexibility exercises for pitchers
  • 8 running exercises for pitchers, sprinting drills for pitchers, cardiovascular fitness exercises for pitchers
  • 44 agility exercises for pitchers
  • 11 balance and stability exercises for pitchers
  • 18 rotator cuff and shoulder strengthening exercises
  • 11 scapular stabilization exercises for pitchers
  • 13 core stabilization exercises for pitchers
  • 48 functional strength exercises for pitchers
  • 21 explosive plyometric exercises for pitchers
  • 25 deep tissue muscle massage exercises to speed recovery after workouts and games
  • 93 "power" foods, plus the 10 best natural protein sources and tips on supplements, including creatine
  • 7 off-season, pre-season and in-season throwing programs, including specific long toss, bullpen plans and maintenance drills

Every pitching workout keeps you constantly challenged as you alternate between aerobic and anaerobic intervals performed at your max. The result: throw 2-3 mph harder in 3 weeks or less, and up to 12 mph faster in one off-season. Maybe more!

It's up to you...

Whether you're in-season or preparing for your next season, you can start the workout program right now. I am confident that if you have the work ethic and dedication to improve, you will start to see some good results before the season is over, just like one TUFFCUFF user who started the program midway through last season — and he still put on 2-3 MPH before the MLB draft in June!

But it's not just for college pitchers and potential MLB draft picks. As a 15 year-old, you still have time to make some great gains in strength, flexibility and velocity before your high school career is over and give yourself the very best opportunity to play at the next level or earn that college scholarship.

Do you have what it takes to fully commit to this pitching program and do the workouts that will help you improve?

Order your copy today!

So here's what you have to do right now: To get your TUFFCUFF pitching manual, click on the "CLICK HERE TO ORDER " button. I'll rush your materials to you in a padded white bubble envelope as soon as I get your order. You can use your credit card, if you like — the price for this extraordinary pitcher's workout manual is just $64.95.

That's less than the cost of just one pitching lesson at most baseball training facilities. Yet this complete pitching program carries you throughout the entire year. You just can't match the value you're getting with this big league conditioning guide. Don't miss out, order now...

Or, if you just plain don't like ordering online, you can download an order form and send a check or money order, payable to The Complete Pitcher, Inc., for $64.95 plus $3.99 S&H to:

Steven Ellis
The Complete Pitcher, Inc.
c/o The TUFFCUFF Pitching Manual
P.O. Box 812446
Wellesley, MA 02482

Remember, there's no reason why you shouldn't give TUFFCUFF a try!

And if you don't like it, you just send back the manual for a complete refund of your purchase price.

I can't be any fairer than that. So don't wait! ACT NOW and order your own copy of the TUFFCUFF pitching manual today.

Don't miss out on becoming a strong, able-bodied pitcher this season. You deserve it.

Now get the manual — and get to work!

Steven Ellis
Former Chicago Cubs pitching pro

The TUFFCUFF Strength and Conditioning Manual for Baseball Pitchers

P.S. Here's a few more comments from pitchers who've already used the program — I thought you'd be interested:

"The program is very effective — it really works the whole body and not just the 'obvious' muscles like the rotator cuff. There are some great exercises in here, especially the scapular stabilization. If you are serious about conditioning your body, buy this book — no question!"
A.S., college pitcher

"I've done other pitching workouts in the past and they'll simply say, 'warm up' at the start and 'cool down' at the end, without any specifics. This plan gives you the specifics, which is great!"
Matt McKenna, Chico, CA

"The nutrition plan is easy to follow and full of good knowledge."
Dan James, Springfield, Ill.

"I feel like a totally different and better pitcher! Thanks, Steve!"
Russell Harrison, Maryland

"I like how every four to six weeks, I get to do different exercises. This keeps it fresh!"
Shaun Bradley, Naples, Fla.

"My son went from throwing 74 mph as a sophomore to 86 as a junior to 91 mph on scouts radar guns during many games this Spring. He worked his tail off, but I'm convinced the regular off-season weekly throwing programs in TUFFCUFF have been the key to his success."
Tim T., Houston, Texas

"I found the manual to be very well laid out. The pictures and explanations for each of the exercises were easy to understand. I have been using the program in our winter gym sessions and the players not only show improvement but are having fun doing the routines."
Joe Wiwchar, Canada

P.P.S. I know you'll be happy with this complete pitching program — and even more happy with your results. I can help you get stronger, throw harder, and reduce the risk of injury, but you've got to take the first step. Click here to order your copy today!

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