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How does TUFFCUFF work?

One word: Periodization. By providing an extensive variety of functional exercises and advanced throwing programs that vary in intensity and volume – and change every 4 to 8 weeks – TUFFCUFF continually challenges the body's muscles into new growth.

The flaw with many baseball workouts is that they lead to a "plateau" where the body gets accustomed to the routines, resulting in diminished effectiveness. At some point, most pitchers will hit a wall with their pitching velocity; they stop seeing any improvement of speed, no matter what they do.

TUFFCUFF avoids this plateau effect by continually mixing things up. The body never knows what's coming next. This minimizes staleness in your program, eliminates plateaus, and gives you maximum results in a shorter amount of time. And unlike linear baseball workouts, TUFFCUFF is totally fun yet extremely challenging and effective. You won't get bored of your workouts and your pitching velocity is virtually guaranteed to improve.

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What can I expect from this program?

  • You can expect to train like a major league pitcher.

TUFFCUFF is based on the same five-phase strength and conditioning plan used by major leaguers today. The pre-season, in-season and off-season baseball workouts provide amateur pitchers with the same advanced strength training, throwing, lifting, stretching, running and arm care that MLB pitchers are now using to prepare for the entire season.

The results are undeniable. In addition to achieving massive gains in functional strength, dynamic flexibility and explosive power, you will start throwing harder deeper into games while everyone else is just getting tired. And you will feel as quick and strong at the end of the season as you do at the start.

  • You can expect a clear, organized outline for what you should be doing in the gym every day.

The weight lifting part of this program is very well structured and laid out. Each pitching exercise is clearly explained and demonstrated with over 500 pictures. And the daily workout charts, exercise logs, training calendars and performance programs all organize your sets, reps, times and rest periods. It's easy to follow, so there's no guess work. Just grab your manual and start your training.

  • You can expect running programs and speed training.

Forget everything you thought you knew about boring, exhausting, time consuming and essentially pointless cardio workouts. You're a pitcher, not a cross country runner. The daily conditioning, tempo running, sprint work and speed training in TUFFCUFF will show you exactly what the pros really do between starts and during the off season to develop speed, agility, stamina and endurance. Get ready to get faster!

  • You can expect throwing programs and velocity training.

Most baseball throwing programs consist of going out and throwing at a specific distance or increasing distance from week to week. This holds very little value for pitchers compared to the advanced baseball throwing program in TUFFCUFF. The proven pre-season, in-season and off-season bullpen sets, long toss programs, modified long toss drills, flat-ground routines and velocity training helps pitchers add velocity, stay elastic, create torque and improve arm speed by utilizing correct throwing sequences. You're going to develop a cannon for an arm, quicker than you ever thought possible!

  • You can expect warm up programs and flexibility training.

TUFFCUFF provides some of the most up to date and advanced dynamic stretching exercises available to defend against injuries, pulled muscles and muscle soreness while increasing explosiveness, improving flexibility and helping you recover faster from workouts and games. Who wouldn't want all that?

  • You can expect detailed meal plans and nutrition strategies.

What makes TUFFCUFF such an effective training tool is that it also offers proper nutrition strategies supported by customized meal plans and supplementation to meet the demands of pitching.

It will have you eating healthier and feeling more energized from day one, taking the guess work out of what to eat and when.

And the multiple grocery lists and eating schedules are fully customizable to your body composition goals. This ensures that all aspects of your baseball nutrition plan are available to support your total transformation into a better athlete.

  • And you can expect to bust your butt.

Even well-conditioned pitchers who workout regularly say they're more focused and working harder and smarter than ever before. You will definitely experience results quickly and some even in the first 2 to 4 weeks of the program.

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Is TUFFCUFF for me?

If you have an undeniable work ethic and the drive to get exceptionally fit to pitch while adding another 5 mph, 7 mph, even 10-12 mph to your fastball, TUFFCUFF will transform your career and your life.

Granted, this program is not for everyone — it's for the rare breed of pitcher who wants to see what's possible by following the same weight lifting, conditioning, throwing and meal plans currently used by MLB pitchers. That's one reason why you must be at least 13 or 14 years old before starting this program. Most customers are playing top travel/select, high school, college and professional baseball.

But based on customer feedback, you're going to love this complete pitching program even more than you think you will. And in as little as 2 to 4 weeks — whether you want to maximize functional strength and power, improve athleticism, lower your body fat percentage, add lean muscle mass, improve flexibility, throw harder or prevent injuries — the results will absolutely blow you away (they always do, every time).

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What age can I start?

You should be at least 13 or 14 years old, which is generally the age most pitchers move up to pitching from 60 feet, 6 inches. But regardless of your age, always consult with your physician prior to starting this program, or any other exercise program.

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What equipment will I need?

In order to reap the maximum benefits of the TUFFCUFF program, you should have access to a gym or training facility. If this option isn't available, a home gym along with some light weight dumbbells or elastic tubing and a medicine ball will point you in the direction of success. Get ready to work your tail off!

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Is TUFFCUFF available through bookstores?

Yes. You can order the TUFFCUFF program online at, which allows us to fulfill domestic and international orders quickly and efficiently.

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Can I order by phone?

We do not accept phone orders at this time. We ask that you utilize our online ordering process, or download an order form and send a check or money order by mail. This may seem like a bit of a nuisance for folks who are used to placing orders over the phone, but we do this so that we can provide quick, accurate order processing 24 hours a day. If you need assistance placing your order online, or would like to use PayPal instead, please email us.

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Do you offer team discounts?

Yes. We have your entire pitching staff in mind with our team discount. You must purchase a minimum of four (4) manuals to participate, but many elite high school, travel/select and college teams are taking advantage of our specially priced packages right now. Please email us for details.

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Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes. We accept POs from schools and non-profit baseball organizations. They must be prepaid with a check or money order. Once your PO is prepared, please send it to:

Steven Ellis
The Complete Pitcher, Inc.
P.O. Box 81383
Wellesley Hills, MA 02481

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How will my order be shipped?

Most orders are processed the same day and shipped within 24 hours via the United States Postal Service. You can expect your package to arrive in the mail in about 3-7 business days.

If you're one of our many international customers, your order will be processed and shipped via USPS Air Mail. Please allow up to 14 days for international delivery.

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Is there a guarantee?

The success of other TUFFCUFF customers is proof that this program produces extraordinary results. Of course, since you don't have the advantage of picking up the manual and browsing through it ahead of time, we offer a 100% money back guarantee so you're not risking buying a program that has no value to you.

If TUFFCUFF isn't what you're looking for, or if you don't have the commitment and work ethic to get results, simply send back the program and email us for a full refund. Once again, our address is:

Steven Ellis
The Complete Pitcher, Inc.
P.O. Box 81383
Wellesley Hills, MA 02481

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